Moonshine Stalkers -Last Day on Earth

Album Pre-order details 11/10/16

Album Pre-order details 11/10/16

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Spellbound EP & CD may 
Jack o Bones LP & CD June 
Moonshine Stalkers Album LP & CD July
Nigel Tribute album LP & CD August 
Paddlecell Sept 
Jeroene and the zorchmen Ep Oct 
Milwaulkie Wildmen LP & CD Oct 
Highliners Nov LP 
AsDiabatz LP & CD Dec

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Brand new Diablo Fanzine

Brand new Diablo Fanzine

Donna Dunne joins us

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Donna Dunne is an original retro-revamped Americana styled artist from Dublin. Dunne has been a fixture on the Dublin music scene since 2012 with her first single “Woman in Black” which achieved regular rotation on national radio in Ireland.

After the release of 'Woman In Black', Donna was labeled as the sound of an old 50’s rockabilly singer and the new Imelda May, who is renowned as Irelands rockabilly sweetheart. Although the ultimate compliment, Donna has many musical influences & wanted to be her own artist. Donna traveled to the UK to work with musicians who could help her find the sound she wanted.  Together they recorded, toured parts of the UK/Ireland, released a 2nd EP and got signed to a record label in the UK. Unfortunately, the band split in 2015.

Dunne has supported top artists such as David Gray , Beautiful South, The Strypes and headlined at this years Rock 'n' Roll Festival in Dublin. In 2016, she travelled to the USA and performed with different artists around the country for a month. She recorded two new songs and a music video, which was released July 2016

In August 2016 Phil Doyle owner of Diablo Records UK Record label saw a YouTube video of Donna Dunne and immediately contacted her in regards to recording an album. Diablo Records, founded in 2007 Camden Town has been recording and releasing artists such as Jennie Bellestar, Chris Foreman, Rick Buckler, Adam Ant Rockabilly & Psychobilly bands like the Tall Boys, The Deltas and many more.

In 2015 the Diablo Studios moved to North Acton London and the studio Unit 2 which has recorded the likes of Toy Dolls, Fun lovin' Criminals and more is now used as the new recording home.

Producer Phil Doyle is working alongside Donna to write 10 tracks to be released on Vinyl in February 2017. A live show will promote the album launch and gigs are expected to follow over the course of next year.

The album entitled “Voodoo” will be a mix of Gypsy, Rockabilly, Ska and Blues

New release


Welcome The Gutter Demons (official) to the Diablo Family. The guys will release their album "Unfinished Business" on vinyl 300 limited, 100 each colour and remixed by me & licensed from Falsetto Music Agency. Many thanks to Frank Seguin and Falsetto Records please check out their CD.

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Spellbound will join Diablo Records to release a 4track EP 

Side one: 
1. Belladonna (Carrig/Farrell/Hayes/Hayes/Marson) 
2. Smash it up (Marson) 
Side Two: 
1. Write my name on the wall (Marson) 
2. Say it isn't so (Farrell)

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Milwaukee Wildmen new album

Milwaukee Wildmen- Bloodmoon Shadow

by diablorecords

  1. 1 Psycho like you 03:02 Info Download
  2. 2 Dead Heros 03:08 Info Download
  3. 3 Not too Late 02:41 Info Download
  4. 4 Blood Moon Shadow 03:18 Info Download
  5. 5 White Horse 03:41 Info Download
  6. 6 Die Alone 03:08 Info Download
  7. 7 Devils Tail 03:09 Info Buy
  8. 8 Smokes Booze Tattoos 04:05 Info Download
  9. 9 Leaves a Scar 02:37 Info Download
  10. 10 Black Machinery 03:08 Info Download
  11. 11 Dark Shadows 03:10 Info Download

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